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2012 Minutes

Minutes of the Libertarian Party of Delaware

2012 State Convention


State Chairman Brad Thomas opened the convention with a brief welcome message followed by a Moment of Silence for private prayer or contemplation.


Will McVay conducted a candidate workshop/bootcamp covering several topics including:

a) The Electoral College, Ron Paul, and Gary Johnson

b) Campaign Finance Reporting Overview

c) Primary Election Strategies, D/R Ballot Gaps, Filing Fees

d) Alternative Party Strategies, Coordination, Gaps, Targeted Spoilers

e) Ballot Access Procedures

The discussion was an open forum with allowance for questions and open discussion


The convention recessed for lunch at about noon.


The lunchtime program included:


a.)  Presidential candidate Gary Johnson conducted a Q&A session via Skype for about forty-five minutes.

b.)  Wendy Jones presented the Caesar Rodney Liberty Award to Bill Morris.  Bill was not present at the

      convention due to a family obligation.  The award was accepted on his behalf by Brad Thomas.

c.)  A video montage from the 2012 Libertarian National Convention was presented.


The convention reconvened at approximately 1:45pm


Will McVay was elected Convention Chair


The proposed agenda was adopted


The minutes from the 2011 convention were approved


Mary Pat McVay gave a Treasurer’s Report


Jess McVay gave a Membership Report


Nominations and endorsements were made for public office


Governor Gary Johnson was chosen as the Presidential nominee

Jim Gray was chosen as the Vice Presidential nominee

See Atch. 1 for a list of other state and local nominations and endorsements


Wendy Jones, Bob Wilson and Brad Thomas were chosen as the slate of electors to the Electoral College


A motion to empower the State Board of the LPD, in consultation with the County Chairs, to nominate further candidates should they come forward, was approved.


A resolution condemning the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act was debated and passed.  See Atch. 2


A resolution supporting the Constitutional Authority of Sheriffs was debated and passed.  See Atch. 3


A resolution recognizing the achievement of Dr. Ron Paul was debated and Passed.  See Atch 4.                           


The convention adjourned agreeing that the executive committee was empowered to schedule the next convention.


Submitted by Jess McVay substituting for John Ellingsworth Secretary.

Jess McVay,
May 20, 2012, 12:44 PM