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2013 Convention Minutes

Minutes of the Libertarian Party of Delaware 2013 State Convention


The Libertarian Party of Delaware held its annual convention on 18 May, 2013 at the Kent County Theater Guild in Dover, DE.  State Chairman Brad Thomas called the convention to order at approximately 1pm.


1)  Will McVay spoke to the assembled delegates on behalf of the Fully Informed Jury Association.  He discussed the concept of jury nullification and took questions from the group.  A short discussion followed.


2)  Scott Spencer, Alternate Regional Delegate to the Libertarian National Committee,  briefed the convention on fundraising efforts for the purchase of a building for a National Headquarters, and on other issues, including personnel changes on the LNC.


3)  Dr. Vince Schaller, owner of Hockessin Walk-in Medical Care spoke on the challenges of operating an independent medical practice in Delaware with special emphasis on the uneven playing field created by the Insurance Commissioner's lax oversight of anti competitive practices from large insurance carriers such as Highmark/Blue Cross Blue Shield.


4)  After a lunch break/intermission, Gwendolyn Jones from the Sussex Libertarian Party spoke on energy efficiency and alternative energy markets.


5)  At the conclusion of these presentations, the business meeting portion of the convention was held.  Elections were conducted for positions on the Executive Committee for the next two year term.  The officers elected were as follows.


            State Chairman:  Scott Gesty

            State Vice Chairperson: Margaret Melson

            State Secretary:  Jess McVay

            State Treasurer:  Mary Pat McVay


6)  Individual County Caucuses were held to elect new county officers and representatives to the State Board.  The results are as follows:


a)  Newcastle County:  The caucus elected to defer election of officers until their next county meeting.


b)  Kent County:

            County Chairperson:  Margie McKeown

            County Secretary:  Nicole Young

            County Treasurer:  Mary Pat McVay

                            Representatives to the State Board: Will McVay and a second member To Be Determined.


            c)  Sussex County:

                        County Chairman:  David Eisenhour

                        Representatives to the State Board:  Bob Siglar and Gwendolyn Jones

                        County Vice Chairman and Secretary:  To Be Determined


7)  Mary Pat McVay gave a Treasurer's Report.  The current balance in the account of the Libertarian Party of Delaware was $753.75 as of the time of the meeting.  Fund raisers during the course of the meeting raised a further $251.50. 


8)  A motion was made to constitute a Convention Committee to make preparations for next year's State Convention.  The delegates approved the motion.  Will McVay was selected as the point of contact to constitute the committee.


9)  There being no further business to discuss, a motion was made and seconded to adjourn the convention.  By unanimous vote, the convention was adjourned at approximately 5pm.


Submitted by Jess McVay Secretary