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2014 Minutes

Minutes of the Libertarian Party of Delaware 2014 State Convention

The Libertarian Party of Delaware held its annual convention on 8 March, 2014 at the Kent County Theater Guild in Dover, DE.  State Chairman Scott Gesty called the convention to order at approximately 1pm.

1)  Copies of the 2013 convention minutes had been available on-line and were circulated prior to calling the convention to order.  A motion to waive the reading of the minutes carried, as did a further motion to accept the minutes from the 2013 convention as written.

2)  The proposed agenda for this convention had been available on-line and was circulated prior to convening the convention.  The agenda was accepted after amendment to include the selection of delegates to attend the 2014 Libertarian National Convention this June in Columbus, Ohio. 

3)  Mary Pat McVay presented a 2013 Treasurer's Report which is included in these minutes at this link.  She also summarized the current status of our 2014 financial position.

4)  Scott Gesty conducted the first round of candidate nominations which consisted of candidates who had previously expressed their intention to seek nominations for contests to take place this year.  To see the complete list of 2014 candidates, click here or on the Candidates tab on the navigation bar above.

5)  Issue presentations were delivered by three of our candidates on the following topics:

    a.  Scott Gesty delivered a presentation on Obamacare which focused on the lesser known taxes associated with the legislation, many of which have yet to take effect.   Scott also touched on several market oriented alternative healthcare     solutions which might better serve the American people once Obamacare is     repealed.

    b.  Steve Newton delivered a presentation which addressed the disproportionately large federal influence in public education despite the relatively small percentage of education funding which is federally sourced.  He also addressed the distortions to curricula introduced by high stakes testing and the evolution of the Common Core Curriculum as a stealth usurpation of state educational prerogatives by the federal government.

c.  Gordon Smith delivered a presentation describing his unique experience with the criminal justice system in Delaware.  Gordon was subject to a series of charges and arrests based on false accusations.  Even after clear evidence of his innocence was presented, he was forced to spend years convincing reluctant criminal justice officials to expunge his record and give him his life back.

6)  The convention delegates debated and finalized a series of Convention Resolutions aimed at formalizing the Libertarian Party of Delaware's position on several important issues in state and national politics.  The following issues were addressed:


Proposed Gas Tax

Gun Rights


Cannabis Related Businesses

Common Core

Unconstitutional Surveillance

The delegates also approved a resolution to honor and recognize the contributions of William “Bill” Morris. Bill was the founder of the Libertarian Party of Delaware back in the early seventies.  He died in June of last year.

Finally, the delegates approved a resolution to thank the Kent County Theater Guild for their support in providing the venue for yet another very successful state convention.

These resolutions are available at the above links and at the Resolutions tab in the navigation bar.

7)  Several former LPD candidates shared some of their past experiences in running for office.  The goal was to inspire those present to consider participating in the upcoming 2014 elections cycle by running for office themselves.  Those presenting were Bob Wilson, Will McVay and Wendy Jones.

8)  State Treasurer Mary Pat McVay gave a presentation on the new automated State Campaign Finance website.  Again, the goal was to demystify the process of campaign finance reporting to encourage delegates to consider becoming candidates.

9)  With the previously mentioned two presentations completed, Scott Gesty conducted a second round of candidate nominations during which time several more delegates volunteered to run for elected office. 
To see the complete list of 2014 candidates, click here or on the Candidates tab on the navigation bar above.  The convention voted to authorize the State Board of the Libetarian Party of Delaware to nominate further candidates at subsequent meetings of the Board. 

10)  The delegates selected Sean Long as a delegate to the Libertarian National Convention.  The convention will be held June 26-29, 2014 in Columbus, Ohio.  The convention voted to authorize the State Board of the Libetarian Party of Delaware to select further delegates at subsequent meetings of the Board.  
11)  Scott Gesty made a motion which was seconded and approved to formally thank Tom Uffner for his years of service as the party's webmaster.

There being no further business, the convention was adjourned at approximately 5pm.

Submitted by Jess McVay Secretary

List of Candidate Nominations

Scott Gesty                  U.S. House of Representatives

John Potter                  State Senate District 21

Bob Wilson                 State General Assembly District 7

Steve Newton              State General Assembly District 22

Gordon Smith              State General Assembly District 30

James Brittingham       State General Assembly District 39

Patrick Shipp               Newcastle County Sheriff

Shawn Long                Newcastle County Recorder of Deeds