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Resolution on Cannabis

Whereas, the possession and recreational use of both Cannabis sativa and its various cousins is now illegal in the United States with the current exceptions of the states of Colorado and Washington, and

Whereas the federal government has decided to allow both states to police use under their more permissive laws without federal intervention, and

Whereas the growing of hemp, a cannabis cousin, has been prohibited since the 1930s with some exceptions during World War II, even though it has many beneficial uses such as clothing, paper, food stuffs, and oil, as well as enhancing soil where it is planted, and

Whereas the Colorado experience since January 1, 2014, has proved overwhelmingly positive, with its excise taxes collected at the time of sale far exceeding expectations and such funds earmarked both for capital construction of school facilities and other general fund purposes, and
Whereas, the State of Delaware has begun to look for new sources of revenue in this uncertain economy,

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE LIBERTARIAN PARTY OF DELAWARE, that the General Assembly should move, with all due speed, to re-legalize the possession and use of both Cannabis sativa and its cousins, along the lines of Proposition 64 in Colorado, and let Delaware experience the same revenue bonuses as have been shown in Colorado, and
Be it further RESOLVED, that the agricultural use of the non-psychoactive cousins of Cannabis sativa, should be permitted in the state without further delay to allow farmers more crop options.

Jess McVay,
Mar 8, 2014, 6:12 PM