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Gun Rights

Resolution on Gun Rights

WHEREAS the legislature of the State of Connecticut has enacted a blatantly unconstitutional measure authorizing the blanket confiscation of firearms and magazines purchased and owned by Connecticut citizens;

WHEREAS the majority of Connecticut gun owners have, by noncompliance, engaged in conscientious civil disobedience by refusing to register or surrender their weapons and magazines;

WHEREAS the situation in Connecticut appears to be merely one part of a nationwide strategy of state-by-state firearms confiscation, a process begun in California and continuing in Maryland, Missouri, and New Jersey among other states:

WHEREAS the Delaware General Assembly during the 2013 session passed, or attempted to pass, several measures that would lead to unconstitutional restrictions on 2nd Amendment rights and/or lay the foundation for eventual gun registration and confiscation;

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Libertarian Party of Delaware stands with the gun owners of Connecticut and all other states in refusing to comply with such unconstitutional measures, and calls for continued non-violent civil disobedience to such illegal statutes while also supporting all attempts to litigate against such acts and campaigning actively for all political candidates ready to stand up for our constitutional rights.

Jess McVay,
Mar 8, 2014, 6:08 PM