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2015 Minutes

Minutes of the Libertarian Party of Delaware 2015 State Convention

The Libertarian Party of Delaware held its annual convention on 8 August, 2015 at the Kent County Theater Guild in Dover, DE.  State Chairman Scott Gesty called the convention to order at approximately 1pm.

1)  Copies of the 2014 convention minutes had been available on-line and written copies were available for review prior to calling the convention to order.  A motion was made and carried to accept the minutes from the 2014 convention as written.

2)  The proposed agenda for this convention was presented  by Scott Gesty

3)  Scott Gesty and Mary Pat McVay presented a 2014 Treasurer's Report which is included in the electronic version of these minutes in the attached Powerpoint presentation below.

4)  Scott Gesty made a presentation on the accomplishments of the party during his tenure 2013-2015 highlighting fundraising, voter registration and election results.  Details are included in the attached Powerpoint presentation below.

5)  A significant amount of time was devoted to discussing the future direction of the party.  Some members have expressed frustration with a lack of significant improvement in election results despite fielding some excellent candidates in the last election.  The discussion centered on whether we should continue to operate as a conventional political party by putting forward candidates for public office, whether we should act more in a lobbying and voter education role, or whether we should disband the party and migrate into the established major parties in an attempt to influence their platforms in a more libertarian direction.

Scott Gesty handed out questionnaires soliciting member feedback and also committed to conducting an online survey of Delaware Libertarians via Survey Monkey or some similar venue.  The results would be further discussed at the next State Board meeting probably in September.  

6)  Elections were held for State Executive Committee positions to serve for the next two years.  The results were as follows:

State Chairman                Scott Gesty
Vice Chairman                Brad Thomas
Treasurer                        Mary Pat McVay
Secretary                        Jesse McVay

7)  After a brief intermission, the convention resumed with Scott Gesty announcing that Rob James had been selected as the recipient of the second annual Bill Morris Award. Rob was a tremendous advocate for liberty not just intellectually, but also with his devotion to grass roots activism.  Rob passed away late last year from cancer.  We remember him fondly and we will miss him.

8)  In a more lighthearted moment, Scott Gesty presented a brief political quiz to see if the assembled members could identify the speakers of some of our politicians' more outrageous quotes.

9)  Finally, the convention divided into county chapters for the selection of county officers for the next two year term.  The results were as follows:

Newcastle County

Chairman                                    Johnny Machurek
Secretary                                    Brad Thomas
Treasurer                                    Scott Gesty (Tentative pending inquiries re: possible conflict)
State Board Representative        Nadine Frost
State Board Representative        Bob Wilson

Kent County

Chairman                                    Jesse McVay
Secretary                                    Margie McKeown
Treasurer                                    Mary Pat McVay
State Board Representative        Margie McKeown
State Board Representative        Vacant

Sussex County

Chairman                                    Jimmy Brittingham
Secretary                                    Zach Denney
Treasurer                                    Pending
State Board Representative        Wendy Jones
State Board Representative        Bob Siglar


There being no further business, the convention was adjourned at approximately 3:30pm.

Submitted by Jess McVay Secretary

Jess McVay,
Aug 8, 2015, 3:18 PM