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2016 Convention Minutes

Minutes of the 2016 Libertarian Party of Delaware
State Convention

The Libertarian Party of Delaware held its 2016 State Convention on Saturday March 12, 2016 at the Kent County Theater Guild in Dover, Delaware.  Party Chairman Scott Gesty called the convention to order at 1pm.

There was a brief discussion of the agenda followed by approval of the 2015 convention minutes. 

Chairman Gesty and Treasurer Mary Pat McVay presented the Treasurer's Report.  The State Party currently has $2638.12 in cash on hand with $366 having been raised year to date. 

Scott Gesty presented the current status of the party.  We currently have 1160 registered LPD voters.  Funding is adequate and regularly increasing.  We currently have 558 Facebook “likes” which represents a 36% increase since the report at the last convention. There was a significant uptick in social media activity following our taking part in the 2015 Dover Independence Day Parade.   We are currently seeking advice on updating the LPD website.  Though the current site is relatively new, the webmaster has not consistently kept the site updated which has necessitated our seeking a new web master. 

In the 2014 election, the party received a total of 24,204 votes including over 12,000 votes in the Newcastle County Sheriff's race alone.  We achieved an 8% increase in votes for US House despite a 40% decrease in voter turnout.  We also garnered 14% of the vote in the 7th State Representative District.

The convention nominated five candidates for the 2016 election for the following offices:

Scott Gesty for US House of Representatives
Sean Goward for Governor
Bob Wilson for General Assembly Representative District 7
James Brittingham for General Assembly Representative District 39
Nadine Frost for Wilmington City Council District 5

After a brief recess, the convention business resumed with the presentation of the William Morris Award to Brad Thomas.  Brad has distinguished himself in service to the Libertarian Party of Delaware for over two decades.  Brad has served in multiple capacities including in party leadership, voter outreach, and as a candidate for office.  The convention expresses its gratitude to Brad for his service in the name of Liberty.

Various members of the Executive Committee and the State Board presented brief synopses of the bio's and policy positions of the current selection of LP presidential candidates.  Those candidates will compete for the nomination at the upcoming Libertarian Party National Convention in Orlando, Florida this May. 

The convention proceeded to select our delegates to that nominating convention.  Those three primary delegates are as follows:

Scott Gesty
James Brittingham
Nadine Frost

Alternate delegates were chosen as well should any of the selected delegates be unable to attend:

Steve Boone
Margie McKeown

The convention further approved a motion to nominate those same three primary delegates above as electors to the Electoral College in the event the Libertarian candidates for president and vice president prevail in the November election.

The final few minutes of the convention were spent in an open discussion of the merits of the various presidential candidates.  Our delegates to the national convention are instructed and empowered to use their best judgment tempered by the consensus views of the assembled convention in selecting our next nominees for president and vice president.

The convention was recessed rather than closed at the conclusion of the day's business in order to allow for further nominations should other candidates come forward between now and the deadline for filing Certificates of Nomination. By law, candidate nominations must take place at the nominating convention on or before August 1, and the Certificates of Nomination must be filed within 10 days of the convention.  See Title Section 3301(e).  The convention approved a motion to empower the Executive Committee to consider and nominate further candidates prior to that deadline, should they come forward, without seeking the approval of the complete convention.

Minutes submitted by:

 Jesse T. McVay
Secretary, Libertarian Party of Delaware