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The following candidates were nominated or endorsed at the 2012 Libertarian Party of Delaware State Convention:

US Senate - Endorsed Andy Groff of the Green Party
US House - Nominated Scott Gesty, endorsed Rose Izzo in the GOP primary
Governor - Jess McVay
Lt Governor - Margie Waite-McKeown
Insurance Commissioner - David Eisenhour

1st Senate - Brian Lintz
5th Senate - Scott Gesty
6th Senate - Gwendolyn Jones
7th Senate - James Christina
12th Senate - Brad Thomas
16th Senate - Jess McVay
21st Senate - John Potter

7th Rep - Bob Wilson
11th Rep - Margie Waite-McKeown
14th Rep - Margaret Melson
15th Rep - Amy Merlino
16th Rep - John Machurek
20th Rep - Valerie Valeska
32th Rep - Will McVay
35th Rep - Ron Fitzgerald