Minutes of the 2017 Libertarian Party of Delaware State Convention

 The Libertarian Party of Delaware held its 2017 State Convention on Saturday March 25, 2017 at the Kent County Theater Guild's Patchwork Playhouse in Dover, Delaware. Party Chairman Scott Gesty called the convention to order at 1pm.

As the convention commenced, there was an objection from the floor concerning the lack of formal credentialing of voting members of the convention. Chairman Gesty resolved the matter establishing guidelines in accordance with Article II of the Articles of Association. Voting members were asked to affirm that they were either registered Delaware Libertarians or residents of Delaware who were currently dues paying members of the National Libertarian Party. All other attendees were asked to take seats in the back of the room and refrain from voting on matters before the convention.

The convention voted to approve the agenda proposed by the chair.

The convention voted to approve the minutes from the 2016 convention.

Chairman Gesty introduced the current members of the Executive Committee and the three County Chairmen.

Treasurer Mary Pat McVay presented the Treasurer's Report. The State Party currently has $1782.00 in cash on hand. Year to date, the party has collected $398.00 and spent $393.00. We project a further $1165.00 to be collected through the course of the year 2017. Additionally, the Treasurer announced a recent contribution from Sean Goward in the amount of $645.55 which represents the remainder of funds in his campaign account from his recent run for governor.

Chairman Gesty presented a list of party accomplishments over the past two years including voter outreach and recruitment, public appearances, debate appearances, media interviews, campaign advertising, and social media presentations. Current party voter registration stands at 1612, a 39% increase over last years number. Chairman Gesty also presented several metrics based on candidate vote totals.

After a brief recess, the convention business resumed with the election the LPD Executive Committee officers for 2017-2018.

Four candidates put their names forward for the office of Chairman.

They were:

Nadine Frost
Will McVay
Wendy Jones
Sean Goward

Each candidate was afforded five minutes to present their arguments in favor of their election followed by a further five minutes each for questions from the floor. Sean Goward was not present at the convention due to a death in the family. Scott Gesty read a message from Sean, but did not take questions from the floor on his behalf.

On the first ballot, the results were:

Nadine Frost 9
Will McVay 2
Wendy Jones 1
Sean Goward 11
None of the Above 2

Of the 25 votes cast, no candidate received the required 50%. The name of the lowest vote recipient was removed from consideration and a second ballot was held. The results were as follows:

Nadine Frost 8
Will McVay 0
Sean Goward 14
None of the Above 3

Sean Goward received 56% of the votes cast and was declared the winner for the office of State Chairman.

The remaining three positions on the Executive Committee, those of Vice Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer were addressed next. There was only one candidate putting their name forward for each office. Three separate votes were conducted by a show of hands between the nominated candidate and None of the Above. In each case, the nominated candidate won the vote.

 The remaining elected officers on the Executive Committee for 2017-2018 are:

Vice Chairman Brad Thomas
Secretary Will McVay
Treasurer Mary Pat McVay

A motion was adopted thanking Scott Gesty for his service as Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Delaware for the past four years.

A series of resolutions was considered next. The chair established a time limit of five minutes for the consideration of each resolution. Chairman Gesty relinquished his control of the convention to Vice Chairman Brad Thomas for consideration of the resolutions. The topics of the resolutions were as follows:

Economic Freedom
Cuban Political Prisoners

Discussion of each of the four resolutions continued up until the five minute time limit at which point each resolution was tabled without adoption.

Scott Gesty resumed control of the convention to present the William Morris Award. This year's plaque was presented to James Brittingham, current Chairman of the Sussex County Party. In addition last year's recipient, Brad Thomas was presented with his plaque.

At this point, the convention split into three county caucuses to elect county officers and representatives (two from each county) to the State Board.

The elected positions are as follows:

Newcastle County:

Chair Nadine Frost
Vice Chair Scott Gesty
Secretary Dayl Thomas
Treasurer Brad Thomas
State Board Representative Nadine Frost
State Board Representative Bob Wilson

Kent County

Chair Will McVay
Vice Chair None
Secretary Jess McVay
Treasurer Mary Pat McVay
State Board Representative Dominic Morrell
State Board Representative Jess McVay

Sussex County

Chair James Brittingham
Vice Chair None
Secretary Zach Denny
Treasurer Wendy Jones
State Board Representative Bob Siglar
State Board Representative Wendy Jones

The convention was adjourned at approximately 4:00 pm

Minutes submitted by: Jesse T. McVay
Secretary, Libertarian Party of Delaware