Proposed LPD Platform


The Libertarian Party of Delaware supports immediate action to reform Delaware’s antiquated drug laws to legalize the production, sale, and possession of the Cannabis sativa plant.  This is a highly versatile plant used in the production of textiles, environmentally friendly fuels, paper, and many other products.  The legalization of this industry could revitalize Delaware’s agricultural and manufacturing economy, boost tax revenues to the State government, and reduce the costs of our criminal justice system.  Furthermore, by ending the persecution of non-violent recreational cannabis users, the costs to Delaware’s residents in terms of their civil liberties and economic prospects caused by prohibition would be completely eliminated.  We specifically endorse and support the successful efforts of Senator Margaret Rose Henry and Representative Helene Keeley to create a program for Medicinal Marijuana in the State of Delaware and reducing the penalties for possession, but these efforts have not yet gone far enough.


The Libertarian Party of Delaware is opposed to the mandatory implementation of the “Common Core” standards.  We believe that the education of Delaware’s students is best served when teachers, parents, and students are the primary drivers of the education process and when they are allowed to innovate.  To further this aim, we support the introduction and support of school vouchers, the expansion and reform of Charter Schools, and the reduction of administrative and compliance costs as teachers are empowered to educate the students who are actually in their classrooms instead of teaching to a standardized test designed by a DC or Dover bureaucrat.  We also oppose mandatory attendance laws which force unwilling students and unsupportive parents to consume limited education resources at the expense of others.  Some students and families are actually better served by leaving school and entering the workforce to gain real, productive experience.  Schools are for educating children, not warehousing them.


As with teachers, Delaware’s workers will do best when they are given the freedom to innovate.  Rather than being taxed, regulated, and licensed into oblivion or into the narrow confines of what a bureaucrat in Washington or Dover deems “acceptable behavior”, all Delaware residents should be free to innovate, invest, retrain, and work in a job that fulfills their economic and spiritual needs.  We will oppose taxes, bailouts, corporate welfare, regulatory overreach, and the practice of licensing your rights back to you.  Delaware’s state budget problems should be solved by expanding our economy, not our government.
Jess McVay,
Mar 24, 2017, 2:22 PM