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Resolution Recognizing the Achievements of Dr. Ron Paul

Resolution Recognizing the Achievements of Dr. Ron Paul


The Libertarian Party of Delaware wishes to recognize the achievements of Dr Ron Paul in promoting libertarian principles.


For decades, Dr Paul has been a principled advocate for smaller, more efficient and less intrusive government, and he has championed the blessings of personal liberty over the authority of the state.  Even as a member of the Republican Party, Dr Paul has done more than any other individual on the national stage to introduce the libertarian message to a new generation of citizens and political activists.  As our party seeks to plant and nurture the seeds of liberty by growing our membership, Dr Paul seeks to renew  his own party from within.  Both of these efforts are desirable and complimentary. 


We applaud the heroism and dedication of Dr Ron Paul to our common cause.

Jess McVay,
May 20, 2012, 8:14 AM