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Resolution Supporting the Constitutional Authority of Sheriff

Resolution Recognizing the Constitutional Authority of Sheriff


The Libertarian Party of Delaware defends the constitutional authority of the office of sheriff.  We furthermore oppose the actions of the Delaware General Assembly to limit this authority and reduce the role of local law enforcement in supplementing and overseeing other law enforcement agencies.  The sheriff of the county is the only elected law enforcement official in the state and the ability of the sheriff to keep law enforcement officials from exceeding their mandate is critical to the maintenance of a free society.

We specifically support Sheriff Jeff Christopher of Sussex County in his efforts to uphold the constitutional authority of his office.

We demand the following:

-         The Delaware State Senate to defeat HB325.

-         Delaware’s state representatives who supported HB325 to repudiate their support.

-         The governor to veto HB325.

We also encourage the voters of Delaware to carefully consider whether lawmakers supporting HB325 are worthy of reelection in 2012.


Jess McVay,
May 20, 2012, 8:15 AM