There is a small group of Delaware libertarians who have taken exception to some recent policy decisions by the State Board of the Libertarian Party of Delaware, chiefly our decision to support HB110, the Delaware legislature's bill to legalize cannabis in the State of Delaware. The bill is flawed, but on balance we think the bill is a good first step.

A few opponents to this policy have taken to social media to claim that they are the true libertarians, and that we have betrayed the principles upon which the party was founded. Many of you may have seen their posts on Facebook or elsewhere where they vigorously attack those of us in the party for our views which differ from their own. They refer to us using terms like Fakatarian and the like. Yeah those guys. Two or three of them have even shown up at a public event to shout at our parade participants.

But they have taken their disagreement with us a bit further than simple heckling and internet trolling. They have organized several Facebook pages under the name Libertarian Party of Delaware Inc. The Inc. portion is the distinguishing feature of their pages. While they will certainly deny this, it is clear that the idea is to confuse Facebook users and direct Delaware libertarians from our legitimate Facebook pages to their own. They have also registered their name with the Delaware Commissioner of Elections. We are currently taking steps with the Commissioner's office to address the obvious confusion created with the introduction of a new political entity with a deceptively similar name. In the mean time, Delaware libertarians should be aware of this. Ballot access in the State of Delaware is allotted to those political parties who have registered at least 0.1% of all registered Delaware voters with their party. Currently, the number of required registered voters is approximately 700 in order to qualify for placing candidates on the ballot. The number of Delaware voters registered with the legitimate Libertarian Party of Delaware well exceeds the required number. We have maintained ballot access for many years in Delaware, and we continue to do so. The Libertarian Party of Delaware INC. (my emphasis) does not enjoy any such ballot access.

In order to further confuse Delaware libertarians, the Libertarian Party of Delaware INC. has recently sent out a postcard announcing a statewide convention to be held in February. The legitimate Libertarian Party of Delaware state convention is scheduled for March 24, 2018 at the Kent County Theater Guild's Patchwork Playhouse. If you are a registered libertarian in the state of Delaware, and you sympathize with this faction of irritable and discontented libertarians, feel free to attend their convention. We encourage open discussion and free association. Just be aware of what they represent. Be aware of who they are and who they are not.

And we hope that you'll also join us in March for our convention on the 24th. There'll be cookies!!

Read the letter from the National LP on this.
Jess McVay,
Feb 21, 2018, 9:21 AM